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  These  bowls  are  right  at  home  in  the  kitchen just as they've been for hundreds of years. All of these will vary in size and shape, as each one is truly  a  one of a kind. I can  make  you any  size/shape  bowl  as  long  as  I  have  the wood to support the size needed - but only the "Good Lord" can put  in  those beautiful colors, curls or stripes that I try so hard to bring to light. Enjoy the pictures even  if  you're not in the market for a bowl - I'm proud of each one.


The bowls appear to be the same size in the pictures - but please "click" on any you are interested in to read the description of each. They may vary greatly in length/width/depth. ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE as close I can get them

These pictures are from past sales - No Bowls for sale on-line!


Click picture for close up view

Working Bowl 1A Sold




                                Working Bowl 1B Sold

Working Bowl  1C Sold



Working Bowl 1D Sold



                  Working Bowl 1E  Sold


Working Bowl 1F SOLD

Working Bowl 1G Sold




                             Working Bowl 1H Sold




          Working Bowl  1i Sold